Friday, February 29, 2008

Maybe we should just delete Psalm 100

. . . which, for the record, includes one of my all-time favorite biblical quotes, "Ivdu et HaShem b'simchah, serve G-d in joy. . . "

Mark/PT is a similarly unhappy camper. See why here.

MOChassid, an attorney by profession, raises the legal (American and halachic) issues involved in forcing someone to violate a contract. What gives the rabbis the right to (a) force someone to cancel a concert only weeks before it's scheduled to take place and (b) thereby force the producer and/or would-be performers to forfeit thousand of dollars in legitimate earnings and/or breach-of-contract legal fees?

Will I ever be able to attend a Piamenta or Shlock Rock concert again? Or will the chareidi rabbinate put Jewish musicians out of business?


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